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Brad Manuel Australia's funniest magician or Australia's most amazing comedian? You Decide after seeing his "Funny Tricks" Show!

Looking for a Keynote Speaker who provides you Inspirational Entertainment?Then Brad Manuel is a MUST SEE!Brad Manuel Inspirational Speaker lives on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland but travels extensively throughout Australia and has corporate shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth regularly for companies who are looking for an Inspirational Speaker who is also entertaining.

Brad was simply the best money I spent on the whole event!
Aker Kaverner
Thank you so much for a brilliant act. The attendees at the Gala Dinner were absolutely in stitches and in awe, often at the same time. You really helped to make the night a great success in setting the mood for a relaxing and fun-filled evening. The RWTA members will be re-living your act for some time as we continue to laugh about the “volunteers” who were brought up on stage. Thank you also for your generous time in continuing to mingle and sharing your extraordinary talent with the audience during the evening. A great night was had by all, thank you very much
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Here's some of the many clients Brad has entertained and inspired…
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and many more…
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Brad has also created Australia's own Eco-Friendly Sustainable Surf Wear Brand "Not Sponsored" making board shorts from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and using antibacterial bamboo fabric to make "lifestyle" clothing like shirts, hoodies and beanies… Check them out if you are interested in making a difference to our environment!
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